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Global Bandemic 2nd Wave

Global Bandemic 2nd Wave
Global Bandemic 2nd Wave


2020年8月22日 9:00 – 2020年8月23日 21:00


We are dropping our second #GlobalBandemic Live Stream Festival!

- 38 of the raddest bands/artists around! - Bands from 15 different countries - Interviews via The Cooking Kitchen & Vampire Barbie - Live interactions - Backstage access   - Over 24 hours of Punk/Hardcore madness! - Tickets $10

So much work goes into our live streams, it's an ever evolving scene and we want to keep pushing the boundaries. We will keep doing these events, it's our thing now, and we want to showcase punk/hardcore from around the world.

Our last festival was free of charge, but we pride ourselves in paying bands and the people that deserve to be paid. To do so, we will be putting on a cover charge of $10 to make that happen. This ensures a healthy environment for all, and for this scene to grow. The support we receive from our fans and followers is so important, and we want to keep on delivering the goods for you all. It all ties in together.

This is more than a livestream festival, It's bigger than us and what we could imagine. It's healthy, and we all love it. Let's make it better, let's keep pushing. Support The Scene !


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